Meet the Players


Heidi Brugger

Heidi directed "Tenth Muse" and acted in four of the 2021 Sunflower Shorts productions. She has worked with Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont, New Cell Theater in Massachussets,and as director of the Alpha Ensemble in  Pennsylvania. She appeared in "The Butterfly's Evil Spell," "The Martian Chronicles," and participated in several of the troupe's radio dramas.

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Deb Feldman

Deb directed and acted in "The Ride" in the 2021 Sunflower Shorts. She spent her working life in Austin, Texas, and southeastern New Mexico. Now retired she enjoys hosting guests from around the states in their vacation rental in Cortez, Colorado. She is a frequent actor in Sunflower Troupe productions including "The Butterfly's Evil Spell," "37 Postcards," "The Onion," and "The Christmas Quilt"among others.


Terry Helm

A Colorado native who moved to Cortez 33 years ago, Teri was mentored by Midge Kirk, the creator of Her Story, in which they portrayed some of the many incredible women in US history. She has performed as a narrator and an actor in "The Martian Chronicles" and portrayed the homeless woman in the 2020 Sunflower Shorts video "The Unusual Bird."

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Robby Hennes

When she isn't selling seed at Southwest Seed, Robby enjoys being involved in community activities, especially with the Sunflower Troupe and recording audio books. Directing a play is a new first for her--she directed "Waiting for Gilbert" in the 2021 Sunflower Shorts. Robby firmly believes that it takes a community to bring a play to life and is grateful to the community for making these productions happen.


Kim Welty

Kim has been involved with the Sunflower Troupe since it was formed in 2015. Her passion for community theater has kept her busy in her many roles as actor, director, and producer. Kim was executive producer for the 2020 and 2021 Sunflower Shorts. She directed and acted in "The Cleaver," directed "The Unusual Bird," and acted in "Dracula's Bath." Bringing people together to have a fun and enriching experience in theater is her greatest goal.


Clement Sobotka

A graphic designer, Clement recently moved to Cortez from Portland, Oregon. He initiated and directed the Brooklyn Art Program that staffed more than 30 caretakers running a work site to assist adults with developmental disabilities. He assisted the founders of Portland's Dean Scene, MWAHO troupe's 10-Minute Plays and BBPC's 1st Monday Shows. His Cortez debut is the 2021 SUnflower Shorts, in which he appeared in "Mr. Pippin, Adrift," "Pistis Doxa," and "Waiting for Gilbert."

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Heather Musclow

A career in wildlife biology shaped many of Heather’s connections to the natural world, as did studying drama in high school.  She was only in one community theater production in Red Bluff, California, before coming to the Sunflower Theater. In 2021, Heather was able to portray one of her most beloved animals and lifelong mentors, a dog, as she played Astro in “Waiting for Gilbert”.

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Jeff Jones

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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Adam Dykes

Adam is a born performer who hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. An actor, singer, dancer, director, and sound designer, he has been on stage in four countries, performing both as a man and a woman.Adam made his Durango Arts Scene debut as Dr. Scott in their production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. "Go Fish" in the 2021 Sunflower Shorts was his troupe debut; he portray the Mackerel. As he says, he got to stick a "costume puppetry" feather in  his fedora.


Steve Free

Steve hails from Kansas City,Missouri, where he acted in high school and college theater. A recent transplant to Cortez, Steve participated in the troupe's radio dramas, hosted by KSJD Radio. The 2021 Sunflower Shorts is his Cortez debut, acting in "The Cleaver," :Dracula's Bath," and "Go Fish,"which he also directed. His latest theater work was directing the full-length play, "Drinking Habits."


Jimmy D. Feldman

Jimmy portrayed the taxi driver in "Ride" in the 2021 Sunflower Shorts. He was born in Amarillo, Texas, raised in Eastern New Mexico, and spent 35 years working in the oil fields.Jimmy resides in Cortez, Colorado, with his wife Debi and their dog Augie.He is an avid bass fisherman. Sunflower Shorts was his acting debut.

Elizabeth Dickey.jpg

Elizabeth Dickey

In real life, Liz is Architectural Historian at Mesa Verde National Park. In her fantasy life she is a scenic artist and prop designer. Her stage debut was with the Sunflower Troupe as a drunken scorpion but she had progressed to human roles. I’m a paragraph. Liz wrote and directed "Mr. Pippen, Adrift," and acted in "Pistis Doxa" and "Tenth Muse." She enjoys  the inclusive community that makes up the theater troupe.

Sophia Dickey.jpg

Sophia Dickey

Sophie is currently the youngest member of the troupe and the youngest to direct a play. She has acted in many plays at the Sunflower Theatre and at her school, but she was ready to try directing. Sophie directed "Pistis Doxa" for the 2021 Sunflower Shorts, as well as acting in "Tenth Muse" and "Waiting for Gilbert."  Sophie enjoys participating in the arts, playing volleyball, and helping others.


Marie Chiarizia and Wray Boswel

This couple creates all the sets and costumes for the staged plays. They are both retired and live on their farm in nearby Mancos, caring for their animal menagerie while being active in the community. Wray has been instrumental in constructing the more challenging sets, while Marie designs and creates the costumes for Sunflower productions. After 40 year of marriage, they continue to enjoy traveling the world together.

Joe Butterfield.jpg

Joe Butterfield

Born in Pennsylvania, Joe was an Army brat until joining the US Air Force following his high school graduation. After four years of active duty, ten years in the restaurant business, and twenty-five years as an airline pilot, he retired in 2006 and moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Cortez in 2014. Joe was in the 2019 production of "The Martian Chronicles" and portrayed the Lobster in"Go, Fish" as well as George in "The Cleaver," both Sunflower Shorts plays.

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Austin Cope

Austin was the reporter in the radio drama "Death of a Doll."

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Hattie Miller

Hattie has been on stage since childhood. She attended the Los Angeles HS for the Arts where she majored in theater. Since moving to this area, she has been seen in many local shows with Durango Arts Center, Merely Players, and Fort Lewis Theater. Her first appearance with the Sunflower Troupe was a Sally in "Drinking Habits." She is so grateful to have found such a creative group and an adorable theater here in Cortez.

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Susa Kelly

Susa Kelly portrayed the 97-year-old, foul-mouthed, jelly-bean-eating Nana in the Sunflower Troupe production of “37 Postcards.” Though not her first play, it was to be her last—or so she thought—until she heard the petition of the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing and Mother Superior’s wail: “Oh, dear! I’ve got to figure out a way to save this convent!” Perhaps Susa four years at a small Catholic high school in the Sixties, taught by the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary, rang a bell calling her to the role of Mother Superior in “Drinking Habits.”

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Tom McIntosh

Tom McIntosh was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In junior college he was cast as the Judge in “Harvey” and had parts in “Barefoot in the Park” and “Teahouse of the August Moon.” He later became manager for and acted in the local Melodrama Theatre as well. He served on the Art Council in Pine Bluffs for three years. Tom is also a local musician and has performed as a member of the duo Seamus and Andy with Jake McIntosh and is currently a member of Irish Cream. Tom portrayed Father Chenille in “Drinking Habits” and the priest in “The Martin Chronicles.”

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Mary Mundahl-New

Mary Mundahl-New is retired from a long-term career in education, where she performed in a multitude of roles. More recently she starred as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. Mary became interested in community theater when her daughter Lindi was the lead in the Dolores High School production of “Little Orphan Annie.” The mother-daughter duo performed together in “The Sound of Music” and “My Fair Lady.” The role of Sister Philomena in “Drinking Habits” was her second role as a nun and she is thrilled to be part of a community theater group again.

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Daymeon Smith

Daymeon Smith was born in Pekin, Illinois, and bounced between states before settling in Cortez. He is currently a cook at the Columbine Bar and Grill in Mancos. He has been cooking for eight years while dreaming of owning his own restaurant someday. While in Illinois he acted in plays at his local church, including the roles of Judas the Betrayer, Nathaniel, and a leper in the Passion Play. He took on the role of George in “Drinking Habits,” his Sunflower debut. George has also been an avid Dungeon and Dragons player and dungeon master for ix years.

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Mia Jeremiah

Mia Jeremiah grew up with theater, so she naturally has always been enamored with acting. Mia became serious about her drama career in high school and has acted in seven plays and three musicals, been a stage manager for both plays and musicals, co-directed a play and a musical, and directed a self-authored one act screenplay. She leans more toward writing and directing but still loves acting when the chance arises. Mia is excited to expand her experience in acting—and is never opposed to congratulatory flowers and chocolate.

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Josie Loner

Josie Loner is a space voyager, musician, poet, singer, and most recently a stand-up comic. He performed as Paul in “Drinking Habits,” a demanding role that called for multiple costumes and personalities. While living in Atlanta, Georgia, they wrote and directed two immersive alien murder mystery plays under the title “Celesthesia.” They recently played a background role as a trumpet player in the Netflix film “Red Notice” and went on to produce their own independent file, “The Loner,” which follows an androgynous alien who crash lands in Plainfield, New Jersey.

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Caro Gomez

Caro Gomez is twenty years old. She was born in Juarez, Mexico, and raised in Cortez, Colorado. Caro first appeared in the Cortez-Montezuma High School production of “The Curious Savage.” Her role as Sister Augusta in “Drinking Habits” is her first appearance with the Sunflower Troupe. Caro is a local artist, stand-up comedian, actress, and director.

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Mo Murray

Mo Murray helped with production and stage management for “Title of Show” at the Sunflower Theatre in summer 2021 and was excited to return to the theater for set designing and stage managing “Drinking Habit.” She thanks the director, Steve Free, her production manager, Kim Welty, and the “Drinking Habits” cast for being so much fun to work with! She also thanks Molly for always inspiring and supporting her.

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