2023 Sunflower Shorts Entry Form

Please use this form to register your entry for the Sunflower Shorts Play Contest. Complete the entry form, include a link to your play, and click on SUBMIT. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please send an email to


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Deadline for submissions is January 30, 2023.


  • I certify that I am the author of the entry noted above, that this is my original work, never before produced, and that I hold all rights in the work. If any claims or disputes should arise as to this work's ownership or content, I accept complete responsibility for settling or remedying those claims or disputes, and I agree that the Sunflower Theatre bears no responsibility for the copyright or content of the work.

  • I agree to abide by all judges' decisions regarding my entry. I understand that judges may make their decisions based on my work's ease of staging, excellence of writing, or any other criteria they deem reasonable, and that their decisions are final.

  • If my work should be selected for production, I understand that the Sunflower Theatre, its director and designers may interpret the work in any way they see fit for the best possible production, and I agree to discuss the work and the possibility of revisions with the director and/or designers if, in their judgment, more information or changes would improve the production.

  • I understand that my play may be videotaped in performance by the Sunflower Theatre for historical purposes.


By clicking on SUBMIT, I agree to all the above terms and conditions.

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if your play is selected.