2019 - The Martian Chronicles

Performance dates: March 1,2,3, 2019

This event was a production of KSJD Radio and is made possible with support from the Sky Is Green Fund, a project of the Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado.The Sunflower Troupe gave its wholehearted support for this production and many took part in it.


Live on-air at KSJD radio and on-stage at the Sunflower Theatre

Adapted and directed by Desiree Henderson

Original music compositions: Delbert Anderson

Original illustrations: James Ayers

Readers: Heidi Brugger, Joe Butterfield, Lydia DeHaven, Sophia Dickey, Pete DuMont, Frank Harrison, Terri Helm, Jodi Jahrling, Mike Just, Mark Lawrence, Paul Linhoff, Tom McIntosh, Amanda McNeill, Herbert Petley, Garrett Riggs, Alex York 

Musicians: Kira Galbraith, Louis Gonzales, Sam Lyons, Adam Yoder 

Foley Technicians: Heidi Brugger, Elizabeth Dickey, Frank Harrison, Jodi Jahrling, Sam Lyons